ZincHouse Winery & Brewery

From our dreams to yours

Mike & Kimberly Tenoever have a long history of historical restorations and historical metals.

Out of all the historical metals, Zinc was the one that called their name. Zinc is a long lasting, maintenance free metal that has an unparalleled warmth and depth. Zinc just happens to be an essential component to the good health of yeast!  With this knowledge and love of Zinc, Mike knew when he built his first house his house would be wrapped in custom made Zinc panels. In 2002, Mike purchased 45 acres of raw undeveloped land and in 2006, he built his first house complete with Zinc Cladding on all of the walls and roofs and this is what has become The Zinc House! In 2008, Mike along with Kimberly started venturing out to various vineyards, wineries and breweries throughout NC and Virginia. Their minds were immediately transfixed by the experience of sitting outside with a bottle of wine, enjoying nature, and learning about their new passion.  The idea of building a winery was born in 2009 and it was then that they began to slowly transform the land into the vision they had for this winery. They took wine courses, made kit wines, brewery courses and started brewing beer. In 2010 Mike & Kimberly made their lifelong commitment to each other while floating in a hot air balloon slowly drifting over the expansive Russian River Valley in Napa.  For the next 12+ years they continued to refine their love for wine and craft beer while working to build out this dream that has now become Zinc House Winery & Brewery.  Today the property has a total of 87 acres complete with vineyards, multiple event spaces, winery, brewery and massive roof decks that allow for incredible views of the Vineyard and Estate.

One of the big drivers for this vision is the love that Kimberly and Mike have for this land. They want to share their love for this land by creating a space where people can fall away from the daily pressures of their lives and come away feeling inspired and with a sense of peace.


Winery • Brewery • Good Times